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I provide editorial services for both literary and academic writing, as well as poetry. Inquiries should be sent to via email, with the subject line "Editing Inquiry." In your email, please inform me of the sort of editing work you would like done, the number of pages in your draft (or line count, in the case of poetry), your deadline, if any, and your contact information. Please note that I require a 25% down payment for individuals, or a 15% down payment for publishers and companies. My rates are as follows:

  • Proofreading- $3/page
I will check grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, pronouns, spacing, and formatting consistency. This service doesn't include making any radical changes to your work, just a thorough examination to correct basic typographical errors.  Proofreading is included with all other services.

  • Copy Editing-  $5/page
In addition to standard proofreading, I will adjust sentence and paragraph structure, eliminate redundant words, replace repetitive words with synonyms, and substitute weak words, phrases, and sentences with powerful alternatives. You can expect noticeable change to your original document and should be prepared to review the changes to ensure you are happy with them.

  • Content Editing- $8/page
During content editing, I will make substantive changes to your work. I may add or remove content, strengthen arguments, improve the tone of a paper, etc. This process is very time-consuming, so please plan deadlines appropriately.

  • Developmental Editing- $12/page
This is my most comprehensive service. I will work with you through every stage of a project, from concept to final draft, to help you get the most from your writing. Please note that this is not a ghost writing service. I won't write the piece for you, but I will provide editorial and consultative services throughout the process.

  • Book Summary- $0.01/word of text to be summarized
I will read your manuscript and provide a summary which you can use for promotional purposes, such as on the back of a novel or on an Amazon listing. This requires a thorough reading of your work. Please schedule accordingly.

  • Poetry Editing- $1/line
I will check formatting consistency, punctuation, spelling, etc., as listed for copy editing above. I may also make suggestions to strengthen the language of the poem, if needed.

  • Additional Charges
For rush service, add 15%. If the exchange of your work is to be in printed form, rather than digital, add 10%.

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